Ultimate Guide: Asynchronous vs Synchronous in Javascript

This article aims to be the most comprehensive guide to asynchronous vs synchronous in Javascript. This is a very easy topic to understand once you actually know it. And there’s the problem, every single programmer sucks when trying to explain it! I will initially explain these concepts using the analogy of a shopping trip, which … Read more

Fix Bun Hot Reload Not Working

Is hot reloading not working in your bun.js project? This article gives you 3 potential fixes (from a real developer). First of all there are 2 ways you can hot reload code in your project: The first one, –hot, watches your files for changes and only reloads the content. It DOES NOT restart the bun … Read more

How to Use Files in Bun JS

Bun comes with its own modules for handling file read and writes. Let’s whip up a simple server that allows us to see this in action. Read an HTML File with Bun Initialise a new server and paste in the following code to your index.ts file: This will read an index.html file off disk and … Read more