buildIt – What will You Make?

Every year I host the buildIt course on iAmDev. If you want to build an app, site or software then buildIt lets you join like minded people so we can all build together.

By the end you will have built and published something that might even earn you money.

Too often people let their dreams of building slide by. They let daily distractions prevent them from releasing their creations to the world.

Don’t let that be you and sign up now for pre-registration.

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What is buildIt?

Have you ever wanted to make a website, software or app and publish it? Do you want that project to earn you an income? Or maybe you just want to publish it as a calling card to attract potential employers or clients.

The Problem You Have

I bet that you’ve had a killer idea in your head for years. However, you never seem to make much progress towards actually building and releasing it.

There could be multiple reasons but I’m here to tell you that it’s the current system that brings us down. That’s usually in the form of one of the following:

  • Friends and family tell you it’s not ‘realistic’ to earn money from software (whilst getting rid of your boss).
  • Code schools and programming courses teach you all kinds of fancy methods and algorithms. Great, but they do NOT help you publish software and get paid.

What’s the Solution?

Do you remember getting something to build as a kid? Maybe you got Lego, Meccano or just plain blocks?

What did you immediately start doing?

You started BUILDING !!!

You did not spend hours looking at the instructions before touching the blocks. You did not ask family and friends if it’s ‘ok’ to start building.


So ask yourself why, as a ‘grown up’, you need permission to start building? I’m as guilty of this as you are. For years I couldn’t shake other peoples opinions.

However, this all changed when I published my first real software. It took me 10 years to get to that point but it started earning $13,000 a year with zero marketing and zero effort.

Sure, that’s not millions like the Insta Influencers polluting our feeds, but it was enough to show me I was right – and all the naysayers were wrong.

From there my confidence skyrocketed.

Ironically this initial success made me angry. I could have done this 10 years earlier if I had been surrounded by people like me who just wanted to build.

Looking back, I sorely missed having a tribe.

buildIt – Your Tribe

to fix this lack of tribe I came up with the buildIt program. Many talented people like you gather together and we all aim to build and publish our own great ideas.

buildIt is not a coding school but we do help each other with technical issues.

In fact we don’t concern ourselves with perfect coding practices but we do try to get it right. The most important thing is to actually get your product out there.

buildIt provides support and encouragement from other builders like you.


Will Someone Steal my Idea?

If you’re worried about someone stealing your big idea then you don’t have to tell anyone in buildIt what you’re building, not even me. So there are no fears of someone stealing your unique idea.

When does buildIt Run?

buildIt tends to start just after each new year and runs for 3 months. Sometimes I will also run a mid year session if there’s a demand for it. The only way to find out is to subscribe to the email notification list at the top or bottom of this page.

Can I Take Longer than 3 Months?

Absolutely! 3 months is the guranteed time that I will be around to help you out. However, many students need longer and take longer. You will remain a buildIt member for 12 months from the start of the program.

I Have a Different Question

Not a problem. You can tweet at me with any questions you have.

Ready to Get on with It?

If you want to finally take that step towards publishing your big idea then sign up for pre-registration below. It’s totally free.

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Join Your Tribe

Free pre-registration for the next buildIt program.