Course – Introduction to bun & Elysia for Node Devs




bun JS is a modern Typescript runtime that seeks to fix everything wrong with nodeJS. It is much faster in every way than node, allowing you to squeeze more performance out of your servers.

This is a 2 hour course that runs you through the basics of creating a working server in native bun and Elysia. All the basic information you need as a backend dev is here:

  • Routes (Get, POST etc)
  • Architecture hints (but it’s JS / TS so anything goes!)
  • Param and body schema creation and enforcement
  • Lifecycle hooks in Elysia (aka: middleware)
  • Native bun functionality such as file reads
  • And a whole lot more (from my perspective as a decade long node veteran)

NOTE: This is not a hand holding course! You will need some Javascript or Typescript experience to understand this course! I created it as an easy to understand guide for existing node and Express developers. In 2 hours you’ll be thoroughly up to speed and be able to create fully featured servers in bun and Elysia.

Full course details can be found here: bun & Elysia Course Detail Page


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