Intermediate – Using APIs, GPS Location and Local Notifications on iOS


Learn to use hardware on device including GPS. Also learn to use web server connections to download data.

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This short course teaches you how to use on board hardware – specifically the GPS in this case. The steps taken are similar to accessing other types of hardware so once complete you’ll have a god idea of how to do it for your specific needs using on device hardware.

We also introduce the idea of communicating with web APIs (servers with data on them). I outline the ways you should think about doing this and how certain plugins can get us to the end result faster.

Finally I show you how to implement local notifications so you can send reminders to the end user (without needing to pay for a cloud notification service).

By the end you’ll have a simple app that looks great but actually contains a lot of complexity!

The app will:

  • Access your location and ask for permission
  • Ask you for your skin type (to determine max UV exposure)
  • Retrieve weather data from an online service
  • Calculate safe UV exposure time
  • Offer to remind the user of overexposure

This is a great way to deep dive into a real app that could be released to the app stores!