Advanced – A Simple WhatsApp Clone on iOS using Firebase


Learn Firebase, the most popular real time database.

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This course teaches you how to use Google Firebase as a backend for your app.

Traditional development uses a server and these are costly and time consuming to setup.

Google Firebase helps us avoid this headache, giving us a production ready server that we can deploy immediately.

To explore the topic we will be making a very simple WhatsApp clone. Using this clone we will touch on the concepts of authentication and connection to a real time database.

You will also benefit from my experience with Firebase, which is quite substantial over the years!

By the end you’ll have an app that mimics a basic version of WhatsApp!

Here’s what you’ll be able to do by the end:

  • Check for Firebase authentication
  • Present a login or register screen for Firebase
  • Allow a user to reset their password via email
  • Set up the realtime database connection
  • Enter and send messages
  • Receive messages to the app in real time

This is a great way to deep dive into Firebase and get an understanding that you can use for any app that requires a server!