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The Black Friday iOS Dev Bundle

Learn to code from an iOS industry professional with this 5 course App Developer bundle!


Includes These Great Courses

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Foundation - Swift Programming

Start your iOS, Mac, Watch and TV development journey here. Swift is the latest and greatest Apple development language! This course gives you the fundamental training you need to get going, even if you've never developed anything before! See more...


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Intermediate - Swift Programming

Continue learning Swift concepts. This course continues where fundamentals left off, ensuring you're an up to date, modern Apple developer! See more...


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Foundation - iOS App Creation

Once your Swift education is complete you now have the skills to start developing iOS Apps! This course takes you from the start and upgrades your skills to the point where you can develop your own ideas! See more...


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Intermediate - iOS Apps, APIs and Hardware

Following on from developing basic apps in the foundation course you will now go deeper. We cover more advanced topics such as accessing web APIs within our app and using on device hardware. Buy the end we have a beautiful app ready to publish! See more...


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Advanced - iOS Apps and Google Firebase

Many times you need a server to store app data. Google Firebase makes that very easy to do without knowing server side code. In this course we make a simple WhatsApp clone that shows you how to authenticate users and connect to a real time database. By the end you'll have all the knowledge you need to recreate WhatsApp! See more...


Black Friday Bonus

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iAmDev Forums - 1 Year Subscription

Sometimes you need a helping hand from people who've done what you're trying to do. The forums are a private and exclusive way to guide you to success!



Join Many Satisfied Students!

Mashin headshot

He explained everything really well and I was easily able to understand what he said. Most of the other courses I have taken have only shown you how to do stuff, but he really explained what each thing was doing and why we were doing it which was super helpful!

Mashin Naqvi

Programming Basics

Michael R

Great match. Everything is explained clearly and the visual is a huge help.

Michael Richards

OOP Principles

A few more reviews (there are over 18,000 to choose from!):

  • Instructor is very clear and concise. Much appreciated. – Juliene Love
  • Very clear. Brilliant! – Chris Alfred
  • Great and simple explanations for a Beginner. I would recommend this course. – Emmanuel Asman
  • Very clear and hands on right away. the quick intro into classes and inheritances was very well done and simple to understand! – Marco Pérez

The Courses in Detail

Basic Swift
Intermediate Swift
Foundation iOS
APIs & Hardware
Firebase & iOS

Foundation - Basic Swift

This is where your journey starts. We cover all the basics you need to get going in this short course designed to get you up and running fast!

The entire course includes coding challenges after every lesson to really get you thinking. Code challenges are shown to increase learning by over 300%, compared to just watching.

Topics include:

  • Variables
  • Strings
  • Constants
  • Number Types
  • Tuples
  • Optionals an Null Types
  • Arrays
  • Sets
  • Dictionaries

As always, includes many funny and strange anecdotes from my decades as a pro developer!

Intermediate - Swift Programming

Now that Swift Basics has got you going it's time to dig deeper!

Intermediate Swift programming gives you more complex code patterns which form the route to fully fledged iOS or Mac apps!

The entire course includes coding challenges after every lesson. The end of the course has a big project where you will put all your new found skills to use. This will be your very first app!

Topics include:

  • For In Loops
  • While Loops
  • Conditional Statements If Else
  • Switch Case
  • Control Transfer
  • Functions
  • Nested Functions
  • Enumerations
  • Classes
  • Inheritance

And way more developer experience than I can list here!

Foundation - iOS App Creation

This foundational course will move you further down the road to becoming an Apple software engineer. Apps on iOS and Mac earn more than double those on Android – for good reason! Apple users are much more likely to spend money on your products than equivalent Android users.

This course introduces you to the following concepts via the creation of 3 basic iOS apps:

  • What files do what
  • Creating user interfaces
  • Changing UI elements via code
  • Business logic to change views
  • Basic iOS layouts (user interfaces)
  • UI element positioning
  • Table views (infinite scrolling lists)
  • Data models
  • Navigation concepts 
  • Orchestrating multiple view controllers via nav
  • Passing data between view controllers
  • Using images and image views

Once you get a grasp on these basic iOS concepts you’ll pretty much be ready to build your own basic apps and release them to the app store!

Intermediate - iOS APIs, Hardware and Notifications

This course teaches you how to use on board hardware – specifically the GPS in this case. The steps taken are similar to accessing other types of hardware so once complete you’ll have a god idea of how to do it for your specific needs using on device hardware.

We also introduce the idea of communicating with web APIs (servers with data on them). I outline the ways you should think about doing this and how certain plugins can get us to the end result faster.

Finally I show you how to implement local notifications so you can send reminders to the end user (without needing to pay for a cloud notification service).

By the end you’ll have a simple app that looks great but actually contains a lot of complexity!

The app will:

  • Access your location and ask for permission
  • Ask you for your skin type (to determine max UV exposure)
  • Retrieve weather data from an online service
  • Calculate safe UV exposure time
  • Offer to remind the user of overexposure

This is a great way to deep dive into a real app that could be released to the app stores!

Advanced - Firebase as a Backend for iOS Apps

This course teaches you how to use Google Firebase as a backend for your app.

Traditional development uses a server and these are costly and time consuming to setup.

Google Firebase helps us avoid this headache, giving us a production ready server that we can deploy immediately.

To explore the topic we will be making a very simple WhatsApp clone. Using this clone we will touch on the concepts of authentication and connection to a real time database.

You will also benefit from my experience with Firebase, which is quite substantial over the years!

By the end you’ll have an app that mimics a basic version of WhatsApp!

Here’s what you’ll be able to do by the end:

  • Check for Firebase authentication
  • Present a login or register screen for Firebase
  • Allow a user to reset their password via email
  • Set up the realtime database connection
  • Enter and send messages
  • Receive messages to the app in real time

This is a great way to deep dive into Firebase and get an understanding that you can use for any app that requires a server!

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What Do I Need To Run the Course?

You will need a Mac computer, Hackintosh or Mac Virtual Machine with Xcode installed (Xcode is free from Apple).

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