Intermediate – Swift Programming

  • Course level: Intermediate


If you’re looking to continue your Swift programming education then this course is for you!

This Swift course will move you further down the road to becoming an Apple software engineer. Apps on iOS and Mac earn more than double those on Android – for good reason! Apple users are much more likely to spend money on your products than equivalent Android users.

This course introduces you to intermediate concepts such as:

  • Controlling flow
  • Conditional statements
  • Control transfer
  • Functions
  • Nested functions
  • Enumerations
  • Classes
  • Inheritance

Once you get a grasp on these intermediate concepts you’ll pretty much be ready to tackle iOS and Mac apps!

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand intermediate Swift syntax
  • Understand functions in Swift
  • Understand classes and inheritance
  • Be able to structure basic programs like a PRO!

Topics for this course

20 Lessons01h 15m

Flow Control in Swift?

Understand how to control the flow of your code. Most important here not to create overly complex patterns that lead to spaghetti code!
Controlling Flow in Swift – for in loops00:08:00
Solution – Controlling Flow in Swift – for in loops00:03:00
Controlling Flow in Swift – While loops00:05:00
Solution – Controlling Flow in Swift – While loops00:02:00

Conditional Statements in Swift?

Understand conditionals and how to use them to control program execution

Control Transfer in Swift?

Understand what these special words mean in your program

Functions in Swift?

Understand this fundamental building block of all apps in all languages!

Enumerations in Swift?

Enums are a powerful concept that stop you from messing up your own code!

Classes and Inheritance in Swift?

Classes are the building block to encapsulate variables and functions. Here's how you use them....


  • You need a Mac (or virtual Mac) to code Swift

Target Audience

  • Students who know a little Swift Code
  • Beginners to Swift code
  • Beginners to iOS code