Foundation – iOS App Creation in Swift

  • Course level: Intermediate


If you’re looking to continue your iOS Coding education then this course is for you!

This foundational course will move you further down the road to becoming an Apple software engineer. Apps on iOS and Mac earn more than double those on Android – for good reason! Apple users are much more likely to spend money on your products than equivalent Android users.

This course introduces you to the following concepts via the creation of 3 simple apps:

  • What files do what
  • Creating user interfaces
  • Changing UI elements via code
  • Business logic to change views
  • Basic iOS layouts (user interfaces)
  • UI element positioning
  • Table views (infinite scrolling lists)
  • Data models
  • Navigation concepts 
  • Orchestrating multiple view controllers via nav
  • Passing data between view controllers
  • Using images and image views

Once you get a grasp on these basic iOS concepts you’ll pretty much be ready to build your own basic apps!

What Will I Learn?

  • Get a foundation in iOS app creation
  • Understand fundamentals such as table views
  • Be able to architect code to avoid errors

Topics for this course

29 Lessons02h 30m


Setting up Xcode and iOS Simulators00:02:00

Screen Torch App – The Absolute Basics of iOS Apps?

Learn to create a very basic app. You will be introduced to iOS user interface creation, basic code and business logic.

Temperature Conversion App – iOS Layouts Positioning and Buttons?

Get more fundamentals such as business logic, layouts and positioning in Xcode

Gods App – Navigation Table Views and Data Passing?

Understand the infinite scrolling list prevalent in so many apps these days. Also understand the concepts of passing data and navigation. Builds on previous modules knowledge.


  • Have a Mac to run Xcode on
  • (Also works on a Mac virtual machine)

Target Audience

  • Beginners to iOS coding
  • Starters in Swift code