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Swift Programming

Are you looking to take your coding skills to the next level? Then you’d better check out Swift 5, an ultra modern language designed by Apple for their ecosystem. It is used for iPhone, iPad, Watch, Mac and TV apps.

This is a great starting point for anyone who wants to get into the very lucrative App Development space.


iOS App Creation

Already learnt some Swift? You’re ready to move up to creating fully fledged iOS apps!

This section contains the knowledge you need to create apps on iOS. It gives you the most common concepts and code snippets by walking you through app creation by a pro developer.

By the end you’ll have enough knowledge to start building your own!


Real Developer Life

Want to see what day to day life is like as a developer? In this course I create a published Android app in real time.

No edits, no pre-planning, just pure creation. This is a must see if you’re wondering how you start publishing apps, even if you have no ideas to start with!

WARNING: This is an advanced course!


Are you Just Getting Started?

It can be very difficult to understand where to begin when learning to code. If you’re trying your hardest to learn code but are still confused then this course is for you!

It explains the basic concepts in plain English. We use Python (the worlds most popular language) but the concepts apply everywhere you find code.

This is the ultimate entry point to the world of learning to code – don’t miss out!