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There's Something Missing from those Courses You Bought...

The Problem

Us Pro Instructors are Holding Back


Code courses are great ... until you sit down to build your own app.

It's then that you realise.

You need something more.

The Problem

When instructors assemble a course you only get to see 30% of the effort that went into it.

You don't get to see the hidden 70% including:

  • App selection
  • App design
  • Coming up with architecture
  • Solving hard code problems


By leaving out these crucial areas you are being cheated out of your true potential. It's these very skills you need when creating your own apps - but no-one teaches them!


The truth is that it's embarrassing as a "pro developer" to be seen struggling with code. People assume we can do anything but even we forget how to code a loop now and then!


buildIt - Create an Android App from Idea to Launch LIVE

This mammoth 22 hour course takes you from initial idea to fully launched app on Google Play.

  • EVERY coding session was done LIVE with no planning.
  • You get to see the entire process start to finish.
  • Absolutely NOTHING is omitted from the videos.
  • You see my problem solving process laid bare.
  • I do ZERO planning off air and every design/code/debug session is UNEDITED.


The buildIt series is the only way you can discover the real life of an indie developer.



What You'll Gain


For Intermediates

The course is for people who can already code a little bit. However I explain everything in simple, understandable language. Not much tech jargon here!


"Whys" Included

Sometimes, coding courses can leave you with more questions than answers. Every decision I make about the app architecture (in real time) is fully explained to you. 


Problem Solving

The course may be for an Android App in Kotlin but the principles are valid for any language. You will be able to problem solve anywhere and everywhere!


Piece by Piece

Coding sessions are divided into logical sections. Videos range from 5 minutes to an hour - because that's the reality of coding!


Search Skills

Thinking up good code structure can be hard. I show you all my secrets and methods for doing it easily and simply!



By the end of the course we will have a published app. If you follow along then you can have one too!


Join Over 800,000 Satisfied Students!

Mashin headshot

He explained everything really well and I was easily able to understand what he said. Most of the other courses I have taken have only shown you how to do stuff, but he really explained what each thing was doing and why we were doing it which was super helpful!

Mashin Naqvi

Programming Basics

Michael R

Great match. Everything is explained clearly and the visual is a huge help.

Michael Richards

OOP Principles

Even More Student Reviews

A few more reviews (there are over 18,000 to choose from!):

  • Instructor is very clear and concise. Much appreciated. – Juliene Love
  • Very clear. Brilliant! – Chris Alfred
  • Great and simple explanations for a Beginner. I would recommend this course. – Emmanuel Asman
  • Very clear and hands on right away. the quick intro into classes and inheritances was very well done and simple to understand! – Marco Pérez

The Course in Detail

Over 24 hours of content!


The very first task is to select an app to build. In this section:

1. How to get an idea even if you have none

2. How to select an app niche

2. How to evaluate revenue potential from ads or paid upgrades

3. Why you SHOULD clone apps

4. How to approach building app clones

5. What apps should you NOT build (actually more important than you think!)

This process determines the GUI and core features of our app. Includes:

1. Thorough research of competitor app reviews

2. How can our app beat win on the Play Store?

3. What features do users really want?

4. Which features do users NOT want?

5. Design of the GUI using an iPad (or piece of paper!)

6. Design the navigation flow between screens

7. Assess the user experience (does the navigation flow make sense for the user?)

8. Cutting down our design to be functional and unique

Views are a core part of your app:

1. How do views work with view models?

2. What's the correct way of implementing the MVVM architecture?

3. How do fragments fit into the whole thing?

4. Why you should use only one activity

5. How to navigate between fragments whilst keeping a context

Implement the basic UI of the app in Android studio:

1. Create XML layouts for our fragments

2. The relationship between fragments and activity

3. Creating a navigation graph

4. Setting up the passing of data using navigation graphs

5. Understanding the navigation controller in depth

How do you connect Room DB and RecyclerView (Lists)?

1. How to use useful Android Jetpack and Room DB extensions

2. How to feed live data to a RecyclerView from the DB

3. What pitfalls to watch out for when connecting DB and lists

4. How RecyclerViews work and how to avoid potential bugs

5. The various ways of connecting data sources to the RecyclerView

Discover how we create storage using Room DB:

1. Implement Room DB in an app

2. How Room DB makes SQLite databases easy

3. Reading, writing and updating entries in Room

4. Connecting Room DB to RecyclerView (Lists)

5. Live Data connections from Room DB to User Interface

6. Data access objects (DAOs)

7. Correct architecture between DB and app

Learn how to use the MediaRecorder and MediaPlayer classes

1. Understand how to find the classes you need (even if you have no prior knowledge)

2. How to setup media recording (whilst sparing the main thread)

3. Understand where to place the media recorder instance (hint: not the fragment!)

4. Understand the options available to us when setting up audio playback

5. How to request permissions to record audio

6. Design a decent user experience around permission requests

7. How to playback audio files from the SD card

8. How to connect the UI and media player

How do we earn revenue from free apps?

1. What factors to consider when deciding how to monetise your app

2. How to implement Google Ads in a free app

3. How to keep users happy with your monetisation

4. How NOT to treat users (ad overwhelm)

It happens to all of us, even "Pros"

1. How to track down bugs

2. How to solve bug problems

3. How to refactor code to reduce the chances of bugs

4. The best ways to ensure you stay bug free

5. Balancing bug free vs "just get it done"

Your Quality Guarantee

My philosophy is to give you 100% satisfaction. No "ifs", "ands" or "buts".


Permanent Access Assured

All lessons and assignments are accessible 24/7 online. Lifetime access is guaranteed (I’m not going anywhere!)

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied for any reason whatsoever I will give you a full refund. No quibbles (but I may ask why after I have refunded you – so I know what went wrong!)

Free Updates Forever

When this course gets updates, so will you. No extra charges. No subscriptions. Just quality content for life.

What Do I Need To Run the Course?

Just a web browser and your computer (Windows, Mac or even Linux!). All code editors are totally free!

So Are You Ready to Become a Pro?

Tempus Fugit – Time Flies. The best time to start your journey is right now.